Saturday, October 25, 2014

Seagate NAS 220 HDD 1 vs HDD 2 hard drive identification

In case you're wondering, when you place the NAS down with the metal casing up and the black side down. The HDD 1 refers to the hard drive on the bottom, HDD 2 refers to the hard drive on top.

The red highlighted HDD is HDD 2 vs the other is HDD 1.
No thanks to Seagate for publishing this information at all.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Midtown Manhattan to St Pauls London minute by minute, 11 to 14 hours travel time

I'm a bit of a timing nut. With that said, here's Bryant Park, New York to Paternoster Square, London. 

The travel options chosen here are: 

  • Using Subway/MTA/AirTrain in NYC to get to JFK ($7.50, approximately 105 minutes to get to Terminal 7 gates) 
  • Using Underground/Tube in London to get from LHR to the city. (3-5 GBP or $5 to $8.3 USD, approximately 70 minutes to get to St Pauls)

More expensive options: 

  • Using Taxi to JFK (Approximately $60, anywhere from 27 minutes no-traffic (late night only) to 60 minutes with traffic, save 30-60 minutes best case) 
  • Using LHR Express to Paddington (Approximately 21-26 GBP, depending on where you bought the ticket, 34-39 GBP if you get a return ticket, cant give an estimate on time savings, would guess about 20-25 minutes)


  1. 16:15 | Move towards Bryant Park subway station 
  2. 16:17 | Take F train to Kew Gardens then E to AirTran 
  3. 18:00 | Arrived past security at Terminal 7 (includes physical checkin and baggage drop off) (105 minutes to get from midtown to gate basically by MTA/Subway+AirTrain) 
  4. 20:15 | Boarding started 
  5. 21:12 | Gate departure 
  6. 21:45-EST | Takeoff (39 mins late from 8:55) JFK is inefficient like that, 
  7. 04:00-EST 09:00-GTC | Landed 6:15 minutes later, prepare to race ahead of business class/priority ticketed passengers 
  8. 04:52-EST 09:52-GTC | Once past border control, walk to the underground/tube/picadilly line. Keep in mind, this does not include baggage claim. 
  9. 04:55-EST 09:55-GTC | Take the Picadilly line to Holborn 
  10. 05:55-EST 10:55-GTC | Transfer at Holborn station to the Central line south 
  11. 05:59-EST 10:59-GTC | Central line to St Pauls 
  12. 06:01-EST 11:02-GTC | St Pauls or Paternoster Square 

Total travel time: 13:45
Slippage: 2 hours at JFK wasted, 39 minutes sitting on runway.
Best case travel time: 11 hours 6 minutes