Thursday, July 1, 2010

A barber shop shave everyday...

  I've always wanted a hot lather machine, or at least wanted to get one as a gift for my Dad. I've had this idea for over a year now and never approached it. Instead I bought two electric razors which I'll comment on later.

  After reviewing a few products on, I've got this summary:

At under $10 we have the gimmick HGL1 which has some really bad reviews:
Cheap: Conair HGL1

This one under $10 as well gets slightly better reviews: (HGL11)
Probably a gimmick: HGL11

Then we jump up to $80-$100:
Not a gimmick: Conair HLM10
Not a gimmick: Conair HLM11
These two get the best reviews but at nine to ten times the price.

Then theres the king... at almost $250
Actual Lather King Machine

I'll most likely go with the HLM10 because it seems like a product that will perform for what you paid.
Conair HLM10

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