Friday, June 11, 2010

My keyboard is dying...

I've been using a nice ThinkPad Travel keyboard with UltraNav for like 2 years and its finally calling it quits... I would fix it myself but I want a new keyboard anyway if there exists something better.

So I want to try to find something better and I'm looking at the following:
I prefer wired keyboards because I type a lot and if in the event I have to finish something and I need batteries to do it... I'll die.

DAS KeyBoard (German)

DAS KeyBoard with BLANK KEYS ! I love this idea... could be funny to see how co-workers use it when they come over...

I have no idea what's with the screen on this one:

I've never tried the split design of a Microsoft keyboard, could probably prevent future carpal tunnel.

I would burn cash on an Apple product because they're so pretty... but I don't think this has an insert key which I need... I take that back, I don't need it. WinXP has a virtual keyboard I could use instead for the insert key... ( I use this to open a stock on something called the NYSE DisplayBook at work ).

This might be too tiny and too weak:

Overall I'm really not finding anything...


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