Monday, June 28, 2010

To be yourself is all that you can do...

  1. Be Yourself by Audioslave

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        Out Of Exile - 2005 - 4:38
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      1. I don't know what is it about the guitar in this song but I love both the solo and chorus.

Friday, June 18, 2010

$38.00 gets you an M3 ZCP test drive.

So I was over at OpenRoad BMW on Monday. I picked up my 550i after a cracked rim had to be replaced (insurance covered this, thank god)... and I walk over to sales and ask them if I could test drive an M3 (ZCP)...

Victor, sales manager, leads me to Hazi, sales, who lets me get into this White Comp Edition with Carbon Fiber roof M3. This thing was angry looking; a new born with 7 miles on it, so I couldn't really step on it, just get a light feel for it. As loud and angry as this car is... I couldn't get the feel for highway speeds, but for sure it can hit 155mph easily.

Unfortunately the iDrive froze up, so I couldn't see all the settings M3's have. The DCT tranny is crazy. First off, I come from both a steptronic in my 550i and a standard in my z4. The DCT is weirdly in the middle. It won't move if your foot is off the brake and the gas (while in drive). It sits there. Once you push the gas it just grabs the clutch and goes. It won't shift for you either. You have to shift using either the stick or the steering paddles.

Simply perfect.

The lease is decent as well. $5000 down and $1119 a month for 36 months is acceptable for a car like this.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Chuck! Season 4...

Chuck has definitely been my favorite show in the last 2 years... I got into it when season 2 started and they killed off that NSA director with the trojan horse intersect. The show is definitely a niche show... who ever the writers are behind it, they know a couple of good technical computer terms which makes it humorous to me... besides that, here is a list of pros for the show:
1) Awesome music selection...
Everything from the starting song to the little beats here and there makes gives this show strong charisma... even the 80's selection which I'm not generally a fan of.
2) As previously mentioned, the technical ideas behind the "intersect" are, without a doubt, science fiction, but its good science fiction. The intersect 2.0 idea however goes a bit too far... but they put limitations on it with the "governor" which is actually a real architecture design pattern....
3) I've never been there, but this show makes California look really interesting. I'd love to go.
4) The Buy More is hilarious... all the actors in the background really make me laugh.

Now... on a side note, I would be leaving out the best part if I didn't mention Yvonne Strahovski and Sarah Lancaster are great eye candy...

Gift Shop Girl! (Scrubs)

And Julia Ling is pretty cute as well...

Is it the coffee or is it the caffeine ?

I like this chart, so I thought I'd just put it up here...

Typical coffee basically has 160 mg of caffeine per 8 oz.
Typical energy drink ranges from 80 to 160 mg per drink...

So... which really is better for you?
Which is cheaper?
Which has the least harmful effect on you (long term) ?

Friday, June 11, 2010

My keyboard is dying...

I've been using a nice ThinkPad Travel keyboard with UltraNav for like 2 years and its finally calling it quits... I would fix it myself but I want a new keyboard anyway if there exists something better.

So I want to try to find something better and I'm looking at the following:
I prefer wired keyboards because I type a lot and if in the event I have to finish something and I need batteries to do it... I'll die.

DAS KeyBoard (German)

DAS KeyBoard with BLANK KEYS ! I love this idea... could be funny to see how co-workers use it when they come over...

I have no idea what's with the screen on this one:

I've never tried the split design of a Microsoft keyboard, could probably prevent future carpal tunnel.

I would burn cash on an Apple product because they're so pretty... but I don't think this has an insert key which I need... I take that back, I don't need it. WinXP has a virtual keyboard I could use instead for the insert key... ( I use this to open a stock on something called the NYSE DisplayBook at work ).

This might be too tiny and too weak:

Overall I'm really not finding anything...


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The simple things I love from 6th grade... XOR revisted

Don't you miss truth tables?

I forgot what XOR means and I had to look it up...

Summary: Every bit is different from its equivalent offset bit.

Quote: "one or the other but not both"

Logic gate:

Wouldn't we all love both though?

And for those who code C++:
a^b is a XOR b and a^=b is a XOR b assigned to a...